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offering coaching up to nl200 SH ,FR BSS and MSS
  Darki, Aug 24 2012

hi , im offering coach up to nl200 i already have 3 spanish speaking students and im looking for 3 more.

im offering coaching for NL200 and below because those are the limits that i have huge sample sizes with good winrates(a million hands in both nl100 and nl200)

here are my numbers :

and my last 900k hands on stars

also i can provide good references from my current students just pm me if you want them.

the rates are :

60$ x hour and 15 minutes for NL50 and below
80$ x hour and 15 minutes for NL100
135$ x hour and 15 minutes for NL200

the rates includes free hh's reviews and answering all your doubts from any topic you want

im very professional with my students i guarantee i will give you guys all my knowledge in a very easy to understand way you will be amazed how committed im with my students i really want them to improve btw i teach big stack strategy and multistack strategy for both FR and 6max.

if you are interested pm me good luck to everyone.

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